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Welcome to our French Bulldog Blog

Updated: May 16

Quality French Bulldog Breeders

Welcome to our BLOG. We are Breeders of high-quality French Bulldogs located in the mid-Atlantic region, specifically, in Chester County PA, USA. We would like to invite you to join and follow our BLOG. 

Our Program focuses on three key areas with our Frenchies. Genetic Health, Sound Temperament and V-1 rated structure. 

Our French Bulldog Blog will:

Our blog page will also focus on the many facets of the French Bulldog Breed. We will place a specific interest on ethical breeding standards and Breeders offering pups based on these standards. We have the responsibility as Breeders to help serve the real need for education on this amazing small breed.

Welcome to our community! We hope to hear from you as well as your family and anyone you may share our blog site with. 

          Check out my website, “Franceschi Frenchies" with this link: Franceschi French Bulldogs

Find us on the following Social Sites:

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