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Last updated: 02/24/2024
Franceschi French Bulldogs 

Our Latest Frenchie News - 2024

  • Forever Home - Franceschi's Lightning Bolt has made it to his forever home. 

  • Our French Bulldogs - We now offer French Bulldog puppies in more than 17 countries including Canada, Europe, Mexico & most of South America.

  • French Bulldog puppies have arrived - Franceschi's Jimmy and Franceschi's Sophie puppies have arrived. Born Monday, January 29, 2024.

  • French Bulldog puppies have arrived -Franceschi's Spanky and Franceschi's Panda puppies have arrived. Born Wednesday, February 7, 2024. 

  • Website Updates - Pictures and Video's coming soon for Our French Bulldog Females Page.

  • Genetic Health Update - Full Genetic Health Panel results coming soon for Franceschi's Panda, Lily Bug, Sophie, Merlot, Roxy, Frankie, Gigi, Winnie, Ziggy, Hank and Izzy.

Franceschi French Bulldogs Gilly in the sand looking at a lighthouse and colorful sky.
A blue and tan French Bulldog puppy resting on Raquel's shoulder.

Raised with 

 Love and Care

Here at Franceschi French Bulldogs, our small, family-run breeding program specializes in French Bulldogs.


These breeds are intelligent, loving, and loyal:


Everything you want in a family pet. 

An AKC blue French Bulldog puppy with a few of her best dog friends.
 Franceschi French Bulldogs
Delilah Lyla Grace with her pack
A AKC French Bulldog Puppy laying on a white pillow
A blue and tan AKC French Bulldog puppy posing for a picture with his new owners.
Franceschi French Bulldogs
Zsa Zsa Gabore with family
Franceschi French Bulldogs Reginald
A blue AKC French Bulldog Puppy being held
A black and white pied AKC French Bulldog Puppy being held
Franceschi French Bulldogs Phoebe
Franceschi French Bulldogs George
A AKC French Bulldog Puppy laying next to gray cat
Franceschi French Bulldogs Gilly
A blue fawn AKC Registered French Bulldog Puppy sleeping
Two AKC French Bulldog Puppies being read to in their play pen.
A tan with black mask AKC French Bulldog Puppy in carseat with a 2 year old child.
Franceschi French Bulldogs Hank  
Franceschi French Bulldogs
Chuffie & Rose 
Augie and DJ 
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