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Franceschi French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Franceschi French Bulldogs of Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies, LLC.

Home of Genetically Health Tested Clear French Bulldogs

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Last updated: 06/30/2024

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Guide to Choosing a Healthy French Bulldog Puppy for sale

French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are cherished companions known for their adorable appearance, bat ears and lively personalities. When choosing a puppy, it's important to find a French Bulldog breeder who tests for genetic health.

French Bulldogs can have health problems, so it's crucial to choose a breeder who focuses on offering healthy puppies.

Franceschi French Bulldogs, located in Chester County, PA, is a reputable breeder dedicated to breeding high-quality French Bulldogs.

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy watching over the baby

We breed for Genetic health, temperament and V-1 rated structure.

Why Choose Franceschi French Bulldogs?

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy with the baby
Franceschi Frenchies Jimmy a chocolate sable fawn French Bulldog playing with the kids


Franceschi French Bulldogs has more than 30 years of experience. We follow AKC (American Kennel Club) genetic health testing standards to breed high-quality French Bulldogs.

Genetic Health - Genetic Testing:

We test our breeding dogs for disease to make sure their genetics are suitable for breeding.

These are the genetic health test recommended for the French Bulldog breed.

Airway Distress Syndrome - (ADAMTS3) 

Cone-Rod Dystrophy I - PRA (CRD-4 / CORD I)

Cystinuria Type 3 [Bulldog risk factor variant 2 & 3] (SLC3A & SLC7A9)

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Hereditary Cataract (HSF4)

Hyperuricosuria (SLC2A9)

Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1)

Beginning in January 2024, we now offer full comprehensive genetic health testing on every puppy purchased from our program.

From Inception:


We have prioritized genetic health testing in our program from the beginning. We now have 7 generations of genetically health-tested dogs that are suitable for breeding.


Franceschi French Bulldogs' puppies are sweet, playful, and well-suited for various household settings. Our parent dogs have friendly dispositions, passing on good traits to their puppies, making them ideal family members.



Franceschi French Bulldogs breeds beautiful French Bulldogs with a focus on appearance and structure, while keeping the features that make them unique French Bulldogs.

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy face to face with the baby

Our puppies come from champion bloodlines with multiple champions in the first three generations. These bloodlines guarantee good traits and adherence to breed standards.

Our emphasis is on producing French Bulldogs that have undergone DNA testing. Bulldogs that adhere to the utmost standards - their physical looks, temperament, and overall excellence. This not only ensures your puppy's long-term health and well-being but also compliance to established breed criteria.

French Bulldog - Jimmy



We provide documentation of your puppy's genetic health history.



We believe in transparency and will answer your questions openly and honestly.

24-7 Breeder Support:


At Franceschi's We offer a 24-7 Breeder support line to our clients. 

Transporting Service:


We offer a pet nanny service that will bring your new puppy directly to your closest airport.

Jimmy 1st day

Peace of Mind: 

New owners receive a welcome package. This package includes a one-year health guarantee, a vet check, and access to genetic health panels of the parents.

How to Identify an Ethical Breeder:


Search for breeders who focus on genetic health screening and ethical breeding practices. This is especially crucial for breeds such as French Bulldogs, which are susceptible to health issues.

Ask Questions: 


Inquire about breeding practices, health testing protocols, and post-adoption support.

By choosing a responsible breeder, such as Franceschi French Bulldogs, you are not just getting a pet. You are also creating a lasting connection with a healthy and happy furry companion. Explore our website to learn more about our Frenchie puppy breeding program.

Thank you.

Home of Multi V-1 International Champion Roxanne's Bikini

  • # 1 Foundation Dam
    Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

Home of Multi V-1 International Champion Butterscotch Pebbles

  • # 2 Foundation Dam
    Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

Home of Multi V-1 International Champion Franceschi's Grizzly

  • # 1 Foundation Sire
    Produced/ Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

Black and white French Bulldog logo

All Sires and Dams are AKC Registered

Home of Multi V-1 International Champion Franceschi's Spanky

  • # 2 Foundation Sire
    Produced/ Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

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 AKC French Bulldog Puppy

Franceschi French Bulldogs Piggy

Puppy playing tug-of-war with young boy

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy

A Franceschi French Bulldog puppy for sale

Franceschi French Bulldogs Chuffie

French bulldog puppies for sale

Franceschi French Bulldogs Gilly

" Hi!!!  I am sitting here with George and I think he may be the most amazing puppy ever!  Thank you for him!  He is such a love and so sweet, sassy, fun and gentle."

New Jersey

George is a French bulldog puppy.
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