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Franceschi French Bulldog Puppies for sale

Home of Genetically Health Tested Clear French Bulldogs

Franceschi French Bulldogs of Imperial Kingdom Blue Bullies, LLC.

Why Genetically Health Tested French Bulldogs offer you the best French Bulldog puppy for sale? 

Hello and welcome to our site. We are French Bulldog breeders located in the Mid-Atlantic region, specifically Chester County, PA, USA. With more than 30 years of experience in breeding, showing, and offering puppies for sale.

We recognize the importance of breeding and offering French Bulldog puppies from genetically health-tested clear sires and dams. Genetic health is a fundamental requirement for your family's French Bulldog puppy, and we prioritize it in our breeding program.

Conformation and French Bulldog puppies

We believe that a fully functional French Bulldog puppy begins with good conformation. It's essential to ensure that your French Bulldog puppy meets your standards for living in this regard. If your French Bulldog lacks proper structure, it can limit their ability to engage in normal activities. Therefore, we offer puppies for sale that are willing and able to adjust and participate in any activity offered. It's important to choose a French Bulldog puppy for sale that fits your family's lifestyle.

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy watching over the baby
Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy with the baby

What you should know about the French Bulldog puppy temperament, and our French Bulldog puppies for sale

We offer guaranteed high-quality French Bulldog puppies, and our breeding program places significant emphasis on genetic health, temperament, and V-1 rated structure. This approach enables us to provide French Bulldog puppies of the highest quality.

As part of our commitment to transparency and responsible breeding, we provide our customers with our veterinarian's health assessment of their French Bulldog puppy. In addition, you will receive a copy of the genetic health panels of the sire and dam of your French Bulldog puppy. Most importantly you will receive our 1-year written health guarantee.

Typically, it takes a year for costly health issues to appear, so we believe that our 1-year written health guarantee provides our customers with additional peace of mind. Understanding the genetic health and history of your French Bulldog puppy is invaluable. It's important to work with a breeder who prioritizes genetic health as one of the three requirements for your next French Bulldog puppy. We highly recommend this approach.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our breeding program. We look forward to working with you on your journey to finding your family's French Bulldog puppy.

Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy face to face with the baby

How much does a French Bulldog puppy cost?

For pricing and availability of our French Bulldog puppies for sale, contact us directly. 

French Bulldog Breeders near me

We offer puppies for sale throughout the USA.  We have placed French Bulldog puppies with clients in various states, including CA, TN, VA, NC, NY, SC, NJ, MD, MS, DE, VT & FL.

  • # 1 Foundation Dam
    Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

  • # 2 Foundation Dam
    Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

  • # 1 Foundation Sire
    Produced/ Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

Black and white French Bulldog logo
  • # 2 Foundation Sire
    Produced/ Titled by Franceschi French Bulldogs

All Sires and Dams are AKC Registered

We Breed for Health,

Temperament and Structure


French Bulldog Puppy.
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 AKC French Bulldog Puppy
Franceschi French Bulldogs Piggy
French Bulldog Puppies for sale
Franceschi French Bulldogs Jimmy
A Franceschi French Bulldog puppy for sale
Franceschi French Bulldogs Chuffie
French bulldog puppies for sale
Franceschi French Bulldogs Gilly

Hi!!!  I am sitting here with George and I think he may be the most amazing puppy ever!  Thank you for him!  He is such a love and so sweet, sassy, fun and gentle.  

George is a French bulldog puppy.

New Jersey

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