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A Champion Spanky daughter named Bella Rose

Updated: May 18

Meet Franceschi's Bella Rose, a stunning solid blue French Bulldog female with an impressive lineage. Her father, Franceschi Spanky, boasts an impressive list of titles, including KC-USA, CACIB, and EHREN International Champion, making Bella the daughter of a true champion.

What sets Bella apart is not just her pedigree but also her genetic makeup. She carries two copies of the intensity gene i/i, showcasing extreme color intensity that makes her stand out in any crowd. Additionally, Bella possesses the bulky gene, adding to her distinctive appearance and robust build.

We are excited to announce that Bella will play a crucial role in our upcoming breeding program in the summer of 2024. Her exceptional genetics, coupled with her champion lineage, make her an invaluable asset to our breeding endeavors.

If you're interested in learning more about Bella, our breeding program, or exploring available puppies, we invite you to visit our website. Stay tuned for updates on Bella's journey and future planned breeding's as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in French Bulldog breeding.

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