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The Heart of Our Legacy: Franceschi Frenchies' Foundation Starters

At Franceschi French Bulldogs, our breeding program is built upon a solid foundation of exceptional dogs. Each of our foundation starters played a crucial role in shaping the quality and temperament of our lines, earning not only our love but also prestigious titles along the way. Let's meet the remarkable Frenchies who laid the groundwork for our future generations:

A white and tan pied French Bulldog standing on the deck

Roxanne's Bikini, aka "Kini Bug": Our foundation queen, Kini retired to a loving              forever home after captivating hearts with her playful spirit and champion                pedigree. This KC-USA Champion and International CACIB titlist left behind a                legacy of charm and athleticism, evident in her offspring. Her color panel (n/AY            n/a B/B D/d EM/EM E/E S/S L/L) speaks volumes about her diverse genetic                background.

A black and tan French Bulldog in the yard

Franceschi's Grizzly: A powerful presence with a gentle soul, Grizzly was        instrumental in establishing our signature look. This KC-USA Full Champion  and International EHREN Champion boasted impressive titles and an even more impressive temperament. His color panel (At/a B/B D/d n/EM E/E N/S L/L) highlights his potential for producing a variety of stunning hues.

A blue fawn French Bulldog Puppy  standing on a wood floor.

Franceschi's Spanky: Another champion sire, Spanky brought vibrancy and            charisma to our program. His KC-USA Full Champion and International                EHREN Champion titles attest to his exceptional qualities. Spanky's color                panel (AY/a B/B d/d EM/EM E/E N/S L/L) adds another dimension to our                breeding possibilities, ensuring diverse and beautiful coats.

Pebbles is a black and white pied French Bulldog

Butterscotch Pebbles: Our "Pebbles" held her own among the sires, proving                that exceptional females can be the driving force as well. A KC-USA JR. CH                and JA-UCI JUGEND CHAMPION, she charmed everyone with her sweet                      nature and competitive spirit. Her color panel (AY/AY B/B D/d EM/EM n/KB                S/S L/L) hints at the wide range of colors she could transmit to her

More Than Just Titles: While their impressive titles speak for themselves, it's crucial to remember that these dogs were much more than just showstoppers. Each possessed a unique personality, loyalty, and love for life that transcended competition. Their foundation laid the groundwork for healthy, happy, and well-rounded French Bulldogs that carry their legacy forward. We are eternally grateful for the impact these remarkable dogs have had on our program. Their influence resonates in every litter we produce, ensuring that the Franceschi French Bulldog name continues to stand for excellence, genetic health, and unwavering love.

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