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Last updated: 02/16/2024
Franceschi French Bulldogs 

Our French Bulldog Program

Calling all Frenchie fanatics in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Region! Whether you crave the boundless energy of a playful pup cavorting like these little charmers: or the loyal companionship of a seasoned friend, Franceschi French Bulldogs has your perfect match waiting!

Dive into the world of French Bulldog puppies for sale near you, bred with 30 years of experience and seven generations of clear genetic health for peace of mind. Every pup boasts a V-1 rated structure and sound temperament, ensuring the signature bat-eared charm alongside a playful spirit and gentle soul.

But wait, there's more! We're not just Pennsylvania's premier Frenchie matchmakers; we're now spreading the joy throughout the USA and in over 17 countries! From Canada and Europe to Mexico and most of South America, let a Franceschi Frenchie bring love and laughter to your home.

Open your heart to one of our loving French Bulldog young and retired adults for adoption. These seasoned sweethearts offer a lifetime of cuddles and companionship for families seeking a calmer cuddle buddy. ‍

At Franceschi French Bulldogs, we're more than breeders; we're your trusted partners in finding the perfect Frenchie friend. Our dedicated representatives are experts in the breed, our ethical program, and each puppy's unique personality.  They'll guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and joyful adoption experience.

Finding your dream Frenchie has never been easier! No more endless searches. Browse our adorable pups online, or contact us to learn more about our adoption program. Our representatives are here for you, offering support and guidance throughout the process. 

Franceschi's George being held by grandma.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the Frenchie magic in your home! Contact Franceschi French Bulldogs today and embark on a journey of endless cuddles, playful antics, and unwavering loyalty. Your perfect Frenchie awaits!

Remember, Franceschi French Bulldogs: Where Frenchie dreams come true, one charming pup at a time!

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Our French Bulldog
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A black French Bulldog Puppy laying out on the deck by the pool.

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French Bulldog colors

Whatever your Frenchie vision, we have you covered at Franceschi French Bulldogs!

The Frenchie coat color: This breed comes in a dazzling array of coat colors, each with its own unique appeal. You will see multiple base colors and fawn coloration. 

Blue fawn French Bulldog

Brindle Frenchie

Black French Bulldog

Black and tan French Bulldog

Blue and tan French Bulldog

Cream French Bulldog


Isabella French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog

Blue Brindle French Bulldog

White French Bulldog

Red Fawn Frenchie

Chocolate Frenchie

Puppies being held

Lilac Frenchie

Lilac Pied French Bulldog

Lilac Sable French Bulldog

Blue Lilac Frenchie

Lilac and tan French Bulldog

Lilac Brindle French Bulldog

Lilac Fawn French Bulldog

Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Merle French Bulldog

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