• Sean Bennett Sr.

Franceschi Frenchies Emma

Emma is one of our Spanky daughters and she truly represents him well. Emma’s parents are both 4 panel genetic health tested clear. Emma and her littermates will be Vet health checked on 10/07/21. We will share the results here first. In addition to our Vet health check. We are now doing independent individual genetic health panels on each puppy we offer to our Companion Homes. The foundation for good genetic health, starts with mom and dad. The only way you can actually insure your pup has received the same genetics?… Request/Require a independent Genetic Health Test, prior to adoption. In six generations we have not and will not ever breed a dog that contains a less then clear genetic health panel. Taking the additional step of genetic health testing each pup will insure we are offering you the same quality that we demand and retain for ourselves. 😊❤️🙏

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