• Sean Bennett Sr.

Franceschi Frenchies El Jefe.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

This 18 week old Blue/Fawn Brindle male puppy is available. Jefe is one amazing pup. He has a great temper and loves being held. Jefe has received health testing, color panel testing and shedding/hair length testing. Jefe is available to a qualified companion home. AKC registered. All vaccinations ,deworming, and Vet visits are current. Jefe will come with a one year written health guarantee. $4500.00 for companion homes. If you are looking for full registration? Feel free to call us directly at 610-563-1898. We would like to know more about your Program.

NEW UPDATE on Jefe 4/11/2019

Genetic Health panel clear

Full color panel: AYLocus= 1 copy. This gene is responsible for fawn/sable coat color.

aLocus= 1 copy of the gene responsible for recessive black coat color.

DLocus= dog is homozygous for the dilution gene & will always pass on a copy of the dilution gene to any offspring.

EMLocus= 2 copies of allele for melanistic mask.

Klocus= 1 copy of the dominant black gene. Jefe is self-colored & can pass on that gene to any offspring.

Slocus= 1 copy of the MITF variant associated with partial color.

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