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A little about Ch. Butterscotch Pebbles

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Did you know that my uncles are Ch. Franceschi Frenchies Spanky and Grizzly Bear?

Welcome to our Franceschi Frenchies blog post. My name is Butterscotch Pebbles. I am a Multi V-1 rated Champion. You can call me Pebbles. I was born Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Parents - I am the daughter of Wall's Earnhardt the Great and Wall's Ladybug.

Here is a little bit about myself. My owners Sean and Raquel Bennett will be posting loads of pictures and videos of my babies and me, Be sure to explore and remember to subscribe at the bottom. We hope you will enjoy our cuteness.


Pebbles is a black and white brindle pied female . She will be two June 29, 2019.


Pebbles is a very sweet disposition. She loves running, playing in the yard and going for rides. She is great with children and melts with joy at their rubs and kisses.


Pebbles is the niece to Multi V-1 rated Champion Franceschi Frenchies Spanky and Multi V-1 rated Grizzly Bear, She is also the grand daughter to Multi V-1 rated Champion Roxanne's Bikini.


Franceschi Frenchies Jefe`

Franceschi Frenchies Finley


Franceschi Frenchies Penny

Franceschi Frenchies Quinn

Franceschi Frenchies Lucy

Pebbles Titles

KC-USA Junior Champion

JA-UCI Jegend Championship

Owned by Sean and Raquel Bennett. Handled/Titled by Sean M. Bennett Sr.

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